ANGARA Signs MOU with Saudi Aramco

On 14th of October, Saudi Arabian Oil Company’s President & CEO Amin H. Nasser and Angara Services’ CEO Ilya Rodin signed the memorandum of understanding for collaboration. Angara made a strategic decision to keep strong focus on GCC region and signing of the aforementioned memorandum is an important step on the way of strengthening Angara’s position and deployment of the new Cognitive Cleaning™ paradigm in the region. Earlier this year, Angara opened an office in Bahrain and launched negotiations with several Arabian clients, service providers and industrial experts. Angara provides the oil industry with an emerging cognitive technology for cleaning of heat exchangers at preheat trains. This innovative technology is based on smart chemical solution and it is aimed to make cleaning process operationally excellent, energy efficient and carbon neutral. Angara’s secret formula can clean most types of oil refineries’ fouling, from mazut deposits to lighter compounds. The process does not require capital expenditures, is faster than traditional methods and generates immediate economic impact. It is environmentally friendly and helps to significantly reduce polluted emissions. The perfect combination of profit gaining and caring for the planet, the Angara Cognitive Cleaning™ Framework is capable to address $136 billion annual losses by the global economy due to industrial fouling and reduce planetary greenhouse emission by up to 2,5%. Read more here