CEO of Angara gave an interview to Asharq al-Awsat

Ilya Rodin, the CEO of Angara Industries gave an interview to Asharq al-Awsat. This is the full text of the interview. The Russian company, Angara, intends to launch a partnership with SABIC and Saudi Aramco in the field of oil and petrochemical industry refining technology within a 6-month timeframe. This partnership is in line with President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Riyadh, as part of its efforts to promote the transfer of Russian technology in the field oil manufacturing, water purification, and smart solutions to combat environmental pollution caused by industries. CEO of the Russian company “Angara” Ilya Rodin told «Middle East»: “We discussed with both SABIC and Saudi Aramco the outline of a great opportunity for Angara in the Saudi market to obtain partnerships in the Kingdom that enhance our commercial capabilities and actually meet the long-term goals of Aramco. We opened our first office here to offer our service and technology to the GCC region, and we look forward to cooperating actively with the Kingdom,” Rodin added. “We are confident that the Saudi market welcomes our solutions, which helps the Kingdom achieve its goals of Vision 2030”, stressed Rodin. “We can help the private oil industry in the Kingdom to become more efficient and clean, and we can also help to significantly reduce the plants fouling in desalination industry. It will make them more operationally efficient as well. ” Rodin pointed to the possibility of strengthening the local economies by establishing a network of distributors and partners in the Saudi market, explaining that the future is promising in the Kingdom and even the future of the relationship between Riyadh and Moscow in light of the growing cooperation and trade and investment exchange and the availability of many participants. According to Rodin, the technology of “Angara” provides the oil industry with a cleaning method originating from heat exchange train using smart chemical solutions, in addition to supporting energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. From an operational point of view, this cleaning technique fits all types of oil refineries’ fouling and can be applied with low costs or capital investment and gives immediate economic impact. According to the company’s studies, Rodin states, the technology the company is working on contributes to reducing annual losses of $ 136 billion in the global economy due to the industrial pollution and can reduce the global greenhouse emissions by up to 5.2 percent.
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