Angara is at Technical Conference of EGYPS Egypt Petroleum Show

Angara presented its technology at Technical Conference of EGYPS Egypt Petroleum Show. DIGITALIZATION OF OIL AND GAS (DIGI) – SMART DECISION MAKING USING AI AND ADVANCED ANALYTICS. As globally the oil and gas industry continues its transition, new emerging markets are becoming increasingly important for the security of energy supply and product delivery to market. Egypt, North Africa and the Mediterranean are witnessing a rising number of new discoveries, which continue to spearhead and in some cases ramp up investment plans to ensure increased production capacity and infrastructure expansion and modernization, to deliver upon the vision and growth aspiration plans of becoming a regional energy trading hub. At the same time, the 4th industrial age is delivering to the industry innovative and disruptive technology that is transforming and remodeling how and where the oil and gas industry is operating. Creative and agile digital business initiatives and competent digital savvy workforces are exploiting data driven, state of the art intelligence to rapidly drive and support upstream, midstream and downstream growth. The EGYPS Strategic Conference brings together industry leaders from regional and international producing, consuming and transit countries to discuss and deliberate the reshaping of markets and the world’s future energy mix. As Egypt develops its vast oil and gas reserves, new projects and new opportunities arise for oil and gas majors to tap into. As such, companies look to invest and develop these projects to further expand their portfolios and market position. New financing methods are also becoming available, such as different lending options, IPOs and access to different sources of capital.
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