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Did you know that corrosion failure is an important contributing factor for approximately 20% of all major refinery accidents?
Petroleum refining is a high-hazard industry. Most sites process thousands of tonnes of oil into various product lines each year, many of which are flammable, toxic to human health, or toxic to the environment. At the same time, refineries are also large, complex sites with many processes, several of which operate at very high levels of pressure and temperature, and a vast pipeline to transport process fluids throughout the site and eventually to external modes of transport.

This combination of factors makes refinery sites very vulnerable to various corrosion phenomena that can eventually cause a loss of containment of process fluids, sometimes leading to a serious accident affecting workers, the environment, and the surrounding economy. Fouling is severely correlated with corrosion. Corrosion products, in their turn, contribute to the fouling. As a result, a vicious circle takes place constantly. Angara’s Cognitive Cleaning technology solves this issue and prevents corrosion-related accidents at the refineries.
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