Angara Industries participated in the ERTC Conference – Europe's landmark O&G event.

Angara Industries participated in the ERTC - Europe's largest and most senior meeting place for the world's downstream leaders, bringing together refineries and technology providers to address the short, medium, and long-term issues affecting the industry. Angara Industries was represented by Petra Koselka, Group COO, Eduard Cherednik, CDO and Chief Sustainability Officer, and Val Krivenko, Executive Chairman.

"We are looking to help our clients in petroleum refining to sizably reduce emissions and uplift their margins. We look forward to meeting many of them at the upcoming ERTC event," said Angara's Executive Chairman Val Krivenko, prior to the conference.

Eduard Cherednik gave a speech about "Fouling Fracturing" - the ultimate solution to the major unresolved problem in heat transfer" and discussed key aspects of technology with the leading experts from companies such as CEPSA, REPSOL, Petroval, Hellenic Petroleum, McKinsey, AlfaLaval, and others.

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