Angara’s at the HEAT EXCHANGE ENGINEERING Conference in PRAGUE

The Angara’s CEO Ilya Rodin presented AlfaPEROX technology at the HEAT EXCHANGE ENGINEERING Conference in PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. The conference, which brought together process engineers from 15 countries and 42 companies, was the third of a regular series of events, with the previous ones hosted in Bahrain and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). The conference and training day (preceding conference) was designed to be a specialist platform in the field of industrial heat exchange. The theme of this conference covered the application of heat exchange technology to optimize large-scale process plants and improve their efficiency. HEE is designed to deliver targeted introductions to new potential clients and projects, quality commercial leads, new suppliers, project collaborators, research partners and provide training, both general, highly focused and client focused. These events are designed to maximize return on invested time and cost. The conference will improve user knowledge of specialist equipment, allowing informed decisions to be made between supplier’s technology and its cost effectiveness. The events are planned to provide solutions to plant problems and process limitations through meeting experts in the particular field. Suppliers of equipment can use time more effectively in maintaining relationships, introduce new products and learn about new projects at an early stage. The industry experts on the technical advisory committee (including members from Shell, ExxonMobil, The Dow Chemical Company and Technische Universität Braunschweig) had reviewed the submitted papers to bring together a high-quality line-up of speakers and topics, among whom was Ilya Rodin, CEO Angara. Ilya presented the technology overview, business and environmental impact potential of the company and supported this with real case studies from current customers of Angara. Angara Cognitive Cleaning™ based on AlfaPEROX chemical technology is a complex solution combining soft and hard technologies. It is capable of cleaning and maintaining industrial equipment in large scale plants like oil refineries, chemical and petrochemical complexes, power and steel plants, etc. Angara Cognitive Cleaning™ Framework unites smart chemistry and contemporary digital trends. The framework consists of three blocks: smart recipe, smart maintenance and smart cleaning. Smart Recipe. Angara’s scientists analyze sensor data from the ERP system and construct a fouling deposit model. Based on this, they tailor an individual AlfaPEROX recipe for cleaning of each specific heat exchanger. Usually the recipe contains 7+ components collected specifically for each equipment unit. The core substances are hydrogen peroxide and water. Other components are used to stabilize the chemical reaction which starts when the AlfaPEROX’s ‘magic bubbles’ fall onto the fouling. The composition physically disrupts fouling and scale and then is drained away safely and in an environmentally secure manner. Smart Maintenance. Angara’s technicians and the company’s licensed technical partners (local service providers) provide an optimal cleaning schedule of specific heat exchangers based on technical and economic data analysis and provide ‘maintenance-as-a-service’. Smart Cleaning. Angara’s technicians and the company’s licensed technical partners perform an AlfaPEROX-powered cleaning of the chosen heat exchangers based on individual Smart Recipe and Smart Maintenance schedule. To perform Smart Maintenance and Smart Cleaning processes throughout the world, Angara started to assemble the global network of distributors, licensed partners and other players. Any local businesses can join the Cognitive Cleaning ecosystem. It gives an opportunity to empower local communities, take into consideration the specificities of different target markets and quickly create a network of partners covering all the world. The next Heat Exchange Engineering conference is in Toronto, Canada, 16 – 19 March 2020.
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