DecarbonX by Angara and ClimateTrade Team up to Accelerate Global Decarbonization.

🤝 We are thrilled to announce the collaboration between DecarbonX by Angara and ClimateTrade, marking a pivotal step towards a more sustainable future. A groundbreaking partnership driving environmental progress through innovation and technology.

🔬 DecarbonX patented technologies offer a game-changing approach for highly emitting industries, enabling significant decarbonization. Evaluated and approved by leading experts, this AI-driven solution is set to revolutionize Petroleum Refining, Petrochemicals, and more.

🤝 Together, DecarbonX and ClimateTrade are creating the perfect synergy for DecarbonX technology to make a massive impact. By deploying DecarbonX innovation in challenging industries, we're not just reducing emissions – we're redefining how industries operate in harmony with the environment.

As we progress, we'll keep you posted on our milestones and the breakthroughs of our collaboration.
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